Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass 7 inch Smudge Stick


Sage, cedar & Sweetgrass smudge stick approx. 7″ (18cm) in length.

Smudging helps balance our energies, healing our mind, body and spirit.

The Native Americans believed that Mother Earth gave them the sacred herbs and woods to use as medicines with Cedar, Sage and Sweet grass used for smudging and purification.

This smudge has combined all three, giving you the ability to attract good spirits and energies in to your life with the Sweet grass its sweet scent calming our senses and mind.  The Cedar helps with meditation and also attracts good energy repelling negativity and removing bad spirits, lastly the Sage drives out evil spirits, any negativity and keeps these negative feelings and energies away from a property, object or person.

This is a great smudge to burn for your home due to its many attributes.

Light the smudge stick, wait a moment, then blow out the flames.  Fan the embers lightly to keep smouldering (may need to be re-lit).  Use the smoke to wash persons, property, or spaces.

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