Dried Witch Hazel Cut Traditional Herb (Approx 25g)


A bag of dried Witch Hazelcut traditional herb weighing approximately 25g.Latin Name: Hamamelis virginiana. Common Names: Witch hazel, winterbloom, snapping hazelnut, spotted alder.Medicinal Properties include: Strong astringent, good for general skin care and helpful when treating bruises & fevers, insect bites, varicous veins & piles Antioxidant & can aid sore throats & colds.Magical Properties include: Use as protection against evil influences, use as divining rods, good for love divination, best used in spells to help heal the heart. Cautions: Avoid when pregnant or breastfeeding.Gender: Male, PlanetSaturn, Sun, Element Fire, Power Protection, chastity, healing the heart.

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