Dried Mugwort Traditional Herb (Approx 25g)


A bag of dried Mugwort cut traditional herb weighing approximately 25g.Latin Name:Artemisia VulgarisCommon Names:Muggons, Naughty man, Sailors Tobacco, St Johns Plant.Medicinal Properties:Mugwort has along history of use in herbal medicine especially in matters connected to the digestive system, menstrual compliants and treatments of worms. It is slightly toxic, however, and should never be used by pregnant women, especially in their first trimester, since it can cause a miscarriage.Magical Properties:Astral projection, dreams, healing, protection, psychic ability and strenghth.Cautions:The plant may be poisonous in large doses. Skin contact can cause dermatitis in some people.Bunches of Mugwort are used by the Ainus in Japan to exorcise spirits of disease.

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