Amethyst Chevron Crystal Egg


Amethyst Chevron EggAmethyst is a beautiful stone with multiple personality facets that can be utilised by the magical practitioner, or easily accessed by someone who just wants a little more gentleness in their life. This is a peaceful stone that brings gentle vibrations into the homes and lives of those who need it. Use it in spell work as a way of drawing out all the negativity and pain of modern living, or carry it with you if you often suffer emotional upheaval.If you’re looking to improve the abilities of your third eye and your psychic awareness in general, you can meditate with its gentle energies in your hand, or keep it with your tarot cards or rune set. It brings some added protection to your work here, too, and smaller stones are often worn against the skin to protect from nasties, including those that come through Dreamtime.Amethyst in an egg shape increases the likelihood that all new changes will be made through better choices. Use it in magic to help you win a court case through just means, or to ensure that decisions made are the right ones for everyone involved.Please note that each of our crystals is unique, with its own beautiful characteristics, and may differ slightly from the illustration.

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